Denim Love

This is what I wore for my "not-so-little-anymore" brother's graduation dinner. It was a cold evening so I had to put on some jacket just to keep me warm. It turns out I'm getting more and more hyped with denims.

XUHS batch 2013 graduated yesterday. I feel so proud and happy for my little brother and his batchmates for surviving 4 years of the Atenean way. Kudos to all graduates!
To celebrate the occasion, we had a lovely dinner together. To my surprise, Jaztine's girlfriend, together with her mom, aunt, and friend, visited us. Yes, my heart broke (and is still breaking by the way) by the view. The little kid whom I used to fight a lot with, now is an upcoming college student with a girlfriend. If you have a younger brother/sister, you'll know how I feel.
Matching braces, oh gosh. Kill me now! This really hurts a lot. Anyway, I cannot argue with the situation now. All I can do, as a sister, is to give my never-ending support for him, I guess. T_T
Let me stop from being too emotional. Meet the retarded side of the three of us. For Jara's case, she's been like that since birth! Kidding^^
Moving on to the outfit post! Since I do not favor taking outfit shots at night, I took these photos by the next day. I planned on taking the photos after my morning run but I actually skipped my run because the rain randomly poured down so early in the morning. I could have waited for it to pass by but I do not like running beneath the summer's sun due to the fact that my skin is too sensitive and could get dark in just a matter of minutes (exaggerating). Instead of pursuing my daily routine after the rain went by, I took my car keys out, went to my favorite spot, and took the photos for this post abruptly.
I'm admiring denims lately, I often wear it especially during rush hours, and lazy days. It's the best thing to wear for comfort seekers but not particularly at this time of the season, well, unless it rains like this morning. Yes, I know I'm behind the denim craze but it'd be to shallow to judge its use by trend. I think denims are classic and will always be a fashion staple. 
I was supposed to wear a different shoe for this look, I just got it yesterday and I really want to wear it for this outfit. Unfortunately, my legs were battered and tortured yesterday from my 2-hour run and badminton game with friends. I have a very weak lower body and I have to adjust to it. No new heels for this look, maybe for the next one?
Laced Top from Bettina | Denim shorts and jacket from Bangkok | Oxfords from Gibi Collections | Thrifted Owl Necklace
Thrifted Accessories | Watch from Casio | Le Pliage from Longchamp

Love lots,
Jassie Adriano 

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