After a month, I have finally decided to update my blog! Since it'll be cliche for me to discuss why I've been inactive lately, I'm dropping the reason off. 
This post is actually delayed. I could have published this earlier but, meh, reasons again. Let's just proceed to the post, shall we? 

If you follow my instagram and twitter accounts, you already know I made that black skater skirt from scratch. I asked my mom to teach me how to sew and VOILA! I now have my skater skirt! I actually never thought I'd be able to make my own skirt since I had to use the manual sewing machine. I deserve a high five from myself! HAHA!
That cute vintage-print kimono top is from Baro't Saya Online Shop. I got it together with the red skater skirt I featured on my last outfit post. I actually wanted to get a different print in a more striking and bold color but since my love for neutral colors is overwhelming, I got that print instead. 
On an off-topic note; I must say, the photo on the left side is pretty awkward. Just saying. 
I've had this pair of heels for about a year already but I do not know why it hasn't been up on any of my outfit posts (although I've already used it in some occasions).
DIY Skater Skirt | Ray-ban Wayfarer | Baro't Saya Online Shop Vintage Print Kimono Top 

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