Take a break and Gangnam Style!

Most of my friends know that my bedtime is 9PM. I don't understand why 9PM for them is still too early to doze off; for some of you guys, you might be thinking the same as well. Since our FS defense is fast approaching, I have no other choice but to stay up late to finish our paper. Cecille, Janine and Christine went over to my place to finish some important parts, most especially our financial plan for our paper. I'm so proud to say that I was able to stay awake up until 2:25AM! Yay!~ (Loser much?)

Just this morning, we were all happy about being able to balance the amounts for our balance sheet, income statement, trial balance and etc.. Since we were all hyped up, we did this video. (This is actually a cut from the 2-min video I made. I will be uploading the full video soon!)

Credits go to PSY's Gangnam Style

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