Out to Play

It's summer time and I'm out to play! It's good to be back also! Now that the "not-so-hellish" week is over, I have about 3 months to focus on blogging, crafting, TRAVELING and lots more! My schedule is pretty much light this month and as for me, a good way to start summer time is with a breezy, floral, summer dress!

Last week, my parents were in Bangkok and I asked them if they could buy me some new clothes since there are tons of stylish but cheap clothes there. They were able to score me this breezy floral, pastel dress and denim jacket. I find it awesome that my parents know what I exactly want, hoorah for observant parents!

I was supposed to go with them on the trip but since ditching our feasibility study defense was impossible, I'm stuck preparing for the d-day. They sold my ticket (#asdfghjkl) and bought me an iPad mini instead, I must say, all's well that ends well!
Bangles from Accessorize | Beaded bracelet from a thrift shop
Denim Jacket and Floral dress from Bangkok
Oxfords from GIBI SHOES
Satchel from New Town Mall, Hong Kong

Love lots,
Jassie Adriano ♥

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