Now that the holidays are over, I'm trying to transition myself gradually to prevent holiday hangover. Because I didn't want to procrastinate, I went ahead and do some requirements due on the 2nd week of January. I was able to finish most of the stuff on my list, I gave myself one last day of fun and relaxation as a reward.

Since I'm a self-proclaimed "Laid-back Queen", I wanted to wear something casual and comfy. Once again, I took out my fashion staple, button-down. This denim button-down is surprisingly very loose which I happen to like a lot. 
I just finished watching Shingkeki no Kyoujin (Attack on Titan). So, yeah. I got myself Eren Jaeger's key necklace. FYI, yes, I like watching anime! Teehee.
Wearing my bensimon sneakers really makes me wanna sing "Pumped up kicks" for some reason. I love this pair of sneakers so much because it's really light! I've been using it since morning and I really felt as if I'm not wearing shoes on! It's definitely worth the price!

Denim button-down from Spoiled Bratte | Cream-colored shorts from Levi's | Bensimon Sneakers from SprucePhhttps://www.facebook.com/AldoPhilippines watch | HK rucksack bag | Blue Flash lens from Fly Shades | Eren Jaeger Key Necklace from Comic Alley

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