Lazy and Simple

Dressing down is becoming more and more mainstream for me. Yes, yes, laziness caught me again but hey, at least I feel comfortable in what I'm wearing, right? For me, one doesn't have to dress extravagantly most of the time especially if it doesn't make him/her comfortable and confident. The trick to presenting yourself; whether your clothes are simple, lazy, and perhaps thrifted, is through comfort and confidence.

I took out the first top I saw in my closet and paired it with the black shorts with a strip of leopard print, I recently blogged about. It was easy for me to pair those two up because most of my clothes are in a nude shade, allowing me to mix and match pieces with ease.
I intended to wear heels but since I'm too "lazy" to wear one, I took out my ol' gladiators which I haven't been using for a while now.
Loose Beige top from Bangkok | Bag from Francis Girbaud | Thrifted Bracelets | Gladiators from Rusty Lopez

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