Perfectly imperfect! Bensimon CDO

BENSIMON IS FINALLY HERE! Comfort and style merged in one pair! Could things get any better? SprucePH, being the first to introduce Bensimon in CDO, is now offering these beauties! Last November 29, 2013, Lai Serrano invited me to an afternoon with other bloggers and photographers as we set our eyes on these bad boys.

 Bensimon sneakers are all about style and comfort, it's also packed with interesting facts! No two bennies (as what we'd like to call the sneakers) are identical. Yes, you've heard it right (or read it right, whatever). Usually, we see clean edges on our sneakers thinking how sleek, clean and perfect it looks; Bensimon sets apart from the ordinary sneakers through its imperfection. You see the rubber edges on it? Those aren't factory defects, those are made on purpose. It was initially planned for the makers to clean the rubber edges, but since no one seemed to be bothered by it, they pursued with having it that way. Because of that, Bensimon is known for having a perfectly imperfect sneakers.
Oh, you can bring these pairs ANYWHERE since they can be folded. Carry those goodies inside your bag and wear it to school if you feel like it. Hassle free! Got those beauties dirty? Throw them in your washing machine, it's fine. 

There are more interesting facts about these sneakers, you can also read its story on making it to the fashion industry by going to their website: Bensimon PH

Below is a photo collage of the bennies available in stores!
We were told to be in a "Parisian-inspired outfit" but since I had a class after the event, I had to excuse myself from the dress code. No #ootd for this post :( 
 Here's me with the other fab bunch. Local bloggers and photographers in Cagayan de Oro City.
 This week, I'm deciding to finally get my own bennies, but since there were a lot of colors and styles to choose from, I really needed a time to think. Reminiscing MYOH? Anyway, I'm stuck between choosing yellow or red as of the moment, but then, there's teal, PURPLE, navy blue... I need to decided fast!
Well, I guess that's all for today! Get your own bennies NOW!
(Credits to Bon Aserios of One Happy Story for some of the photos)

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