That's a wrap, July!

I'm still alive! It's been more than a month since my last update and I'm not sure how to start off with this new post. I couldn't blog about everything that has happened over the month since it'll take me more than a week to finish blogging. Instead of blogging about every single event, I decided to make a short video clip which highlights random stuff and events which I attended. Oh yeah, I just turned 20 last July 7! Cheers for one more year!

So, this is what I wore for the event. I went for a very plain and casual look then decided to spice it up by pairing it my cheetah print bag and shoes. I actually am in love with my sheer top from Spoiled Bratte because of the NEUTRAL COLOR (my bias) and stud details on the pocket.

Sheer button-down from Spoiled Bratte | Cheetah print JC foxy inspired heels from Primadonna | Cheetah Print bag from Parisian Shoes and Bags

For my next post, let me guys give you a teaser!
I couldn't and wouldn't promise a specific date to publish this but for sure, I will post as soon as I could. Next week is hell mode for me and my fellow XU Ateneans, wish me luck and pray for me? :) 

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