012013 and Something New

As promised, here's a new outfit post and a "What's new in" post! Let's not prolong the intro and get on to the post shall we?

It was really hot this afternoon so I took my tribal print dress from Apartment 8 and had quick outfit shots. The heat was intense but this dress was so breezy, I'm definitely going to wear this more often on summer! Oh yeah, guess where I'm going this summer! I'll share about it soon!

Tribal/Aztec Print Mullet dress from Apartment 8 | Wedge from Parisian | Bag from Hong Kong | Random Accessories from A Thrift shop in CDO, Philippines.
Moving on to my "What's new in" post! If you happen to see my closet (which I bet wouldn't happen unless you've been to my house), you'll be drowned by my bag collection. I started collecting bags ever since grade school and it was my first fashion hobby, I even remember drawing bag designs back in High School during class! Bags will always be my favorite accessory and I know some girls feel the same way to. Scroll down to view a closer look on those pretty things!
I have also posted yesterday about some shoe goodies which I've bought for "self-gratification" and have promised to show it to you guys. Without further ado, I present to you SHOEGASM.
 From left to right: Jeffrey Campell inspired Leopard foxy, Leatherette flats, and a Sparkly Wedge.

Most of the times I'm tad lazy about my attire especially when I'm running late in a meeting or such. I always pull off a plain shirt and a pair of pants everytime I'm caught up in such a scenario, that's why I bought this pair of flats. Comfy and always on the go!

My sister is actually going to use this in her prom day, but after that guess who'll be using it more often? ME! We have the same shoe size so fitting in to that sparkly wonder isn't going to be much of a problem. Perks of having the same shoe size as your sister's!  

We're down to the last pair, watch out cause it growls! I've been spazzing over this Leopard Foxy since last year. I'm so thankful Primadonna had this in stock! I'm excited to use this pair! 

Check out next time for another post! TTFN!

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