I'm back! After months of deliberation with myself, I have finally decided on going back to blogger. My previous blog was too "all-over-the-place" that I don't even know where to start deleting posts. Also, most blogs I have been following are either inactive or plainly dead. I also dislike the fact in which most of the posts found in my dashboard are full of NSFW (Not safe for viewing) posts. I'm hemophobic and seeing posts containing blood (especially those GIF posts) makes me want to hurl. I tried deleting some blogs containing the same content but knowing I have been following around 700+ blogs, I found myself lost and I completely surrendered.

I want to start fresh, especially 2013 is coming few more weeks from now. So, the next time I'll be posting will be on January. Let us all hope for the best! Advance Merry Christmas! 

Oh! by the way, I'm still on the process of customizing my blog in preparation for 2013. Please bear with me :)

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